Selected Articles, Essays, and Other Writing

The Era of Climate Change has Created a New Emotion

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When Places Dense with Relics and Remembrances Succumb to the Sea

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How to Rebuild in a Time of Endless Fire

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The Fervent Debate Over the Best Way to Confront Global Warming 

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Why More Alaskans Aren’t Fighting a Huge Potential Oil Project on the North Slope

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The Future of Climate Adaptation is Here in the Native Village of Newtok, Alaska

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For Forest Blazes Grown Wilder, an Alternative: The ‘Good Fire’

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The Village at the
Edge of the Anthropocene

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A Visit with
the Glacier Squad

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photo by Whitney McLaren

Tunnel Vision: Lessons in the Impermanence of Permafrost 

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The Sea Versus
St. Augustine

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Photo by Kyle Johnson

Quiet: A Soldier’s Fight for the Most Silent Place in America

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The Grain That Tastes Like Wheat, But Grows Like a Prairie Grass

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                                                                                          How One Alaskan Community Is Attempting to Adapt to Climate Change

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                                                                                       What Poverty Does to
the Young Brain

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